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Lawn Care




Our basic lawn care program includes mowing, trimming, and clean up.  This basic service keeps your yard clean and neat.  Contact us for a quote for basic lawn care services.  


Contracted Care


Our expanded lawn care program includes our basic program as well as tree and shrub trimming, seasonal color, fertilization and insect treatments.  For more information on our contracted care program, click here.




Our exclusive Strategic Landscape process begins with listening...listening to you...what are your ideas? What are your dreams? 


Because once the project is completed you will be living with and looking at your new landscape for years to come.  This is why so many of us don't like interior designers that come in and install what THEY think looks good or what they were taught in the latest design class despite the fact that I hate the color they chose or the modern flair they gave my house.


You really don't want someone telling you that you need something just because it was the latest, greatest thing at the most recent design fair.  At Lone Star Lawns and Landscaping we recognize that each person is an individual with individual needs and wants. We are certainly here to help guide but we need to find out what you are looking for and needing first. That's why the first step is sitting down to discuss YOUR thoughts. Once this information is satisfactorily collected we will then go to work bringing your ideas to life. And believe it or not, this doesn't have to cost a fortune. We taylor everything we do to fit you AND your budget. That's part of making it right.


To see how we've made some recent ideas to life check out our "Project Gallery" tab.




For most homeowners, their home and landscaping are some of the biggest investments they will ever make. Unfortunately some of the biggest repair bills ever to be made will be in fixing the foundation of that home. In light of that it only makes sense to consider an automatic irrigation system. At Lone Star Lawns and Landscaping we bring over 13 years combined experience as well as the skills of a licensed irrigator to every job. We develop a plan created specifically for the needs of your home, lawn and landscaping complete with a rain/freeze sensor that will shut off the controller automatically when the weather takes over.  We will also be around to help you maintain that system or, should the need arise, repair it. All available from Lone Star Lawns and Landscaping Services. Bringing quality, dependable and affordable irrigation to your home. Give us a call. You'll be glad you did.


Let us do a free irrigation check to make sure your system is performing the way you need it to.  If we think something needs to be changed or can be done better, we will tell you and let you decide if you want to make the changes.  No obligations, just some free advice on how make your irrigation work the way you need it to.





Many people often ask "What is hardscape?" 


Well, simply put it is anything not soft to the touch--such as brick, stone or cement beautifully crafted into a design that accents or in some ways "frames"  the shrubs that go around it. Often times the landscaping can be absolutely perfect but then you go out to sit and enjoy it in a chair on your broken, uneven patio. 


Your non-rocking chair is now a rocking chair and suddenly tarnish has begun to form on the frame of your back yard. We can help by designing something beautiful to go with what you are planning or to fit in with what you already have. Now suddenly the picture is what it was supposed to be all along and when you sit out and enjoy what you work hard everyday for.   You can truly enjoy it--and rock only if you want to.


Lone Star Lawns and Landscaping Hardscape

Putting a little polish on the frame of your backyard! 

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